Para-Badminton is a Paralympic racquet sport for disabled male and female players divided into 6 classification groups. In the Czech Republic parabadminton is trained mainly in Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Jánské Lázně and Český Krumlov. But we also believe in the interest of coaches in other clubs, where they will be dedicated to you if you contact them!

Our players compete in international championships in the Czech Republic and Poland and other open tournaments. The best Czech players have also played world tournaments in Spain, France, Denmark, Bahrain and Japan.


6th international "Czech Para Badminton Emil Open 2023"

Lukáš Šembera is undoubtedly one of the best Czech wheelchair players. He won the Czech Open and Polish Open and is the only Czech player with experience from the 2018 European Championships in France. After a year break, Lukáš returned to training and is looking forward to the Czech Para Badminton Emil Open in Prague and the European Championships...

This weekend a national classifier workshop Level 1 was held in Brno, attended by 4 Czech and 7 foreign participants. On that occasion, the organizers from Badminton Sharks Brno organized a classification camp, where players without international classification were assigned to sports groups according to their disabilities and also had the...

Coach Tomáš Voves participated in the pilot BWF Level 2 Disability Coaches Workshop in Spain. He can incorporate his new insights into the programme of the classification camp on 9.4. in Brno. "Coaching parabadminton is much more complicated, so every new knowledge and experience is very valuable. Doing individual and team tasks and discussing...

Tomáš Drtil (SU5) played an exhibition match with Danish player Oskar Klausholm, the extraleague B.O.Chance vs. Český Krumlov. Although he was not enough for him, together they performed a number of nice exchanges at a decent pace. Thanks to Tom for the parabadminton presentation and to the organizers for creating the space for this demonstration.

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