Para-Badminton is a Paralympic racquet sport for disabled male and female players divided into 6 classification groups. In the Czech Republic parabadminton is trained mainly in Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Jánské Lázně and Český Krumlov. But we also believe in the interest of coaches in other clubs, where they will be dedicated to you if you contact them!

Our players compete in international championships in the Czech Republic and Poland and other open tournaments. The best Czech players have also played world tournaments in Spain, France, Denmark, Bahrain and Japan.


6th international "Czech Para Badminton Emil Open 2023"

The first demonstration of this year was the parabadminton demonstration at the WC of adults in České Budějovice, where Lukáš Kyncl and Kamil Šnajdar presented for the wheelchair racers. Then Tomáš Drtil and Filip Rataj for the standing group with upper limb disability. We would like to thank the exhibition competitors, namely Daniel Dvořák, Pavel...

Mikuláš Müller took part in the training of parabadminton coaches. He became the 3rd Czech trained coach in this field at Badminton Europe event. Thanks to the organizers for this event and to Miki for his time.

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