Para-Badminton is a Paralympic racquet sport for disabled male and female players divided into 6 classification groups. In the Czech Republic parabadminton is trained mainly in Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Jánské Lázně, Český Krumlov and Prague. But we also believe in the interest of coaches in other clubs, where they will be dedicated to you if you contact them!

Our players compete in international championships in the Czech Republic and Poland and other open tournaments. The best Czech players have also played world tournaments in Spain, France, Denmark, Bahrain, Thailand and Japan. Kamil Šnajdar from Badminton Sharks Brno won a bronze medal at the European Championships 2023.


The 7th International Czech Para Badminton Championships "7th Czech Para Badminton Open 2024" will take place on 27-28 April 2024 in Prague

In the summer, badminton training on the court usually goes a bit by the wayside and the agenda is to get in shape before the new season. But this is not the case for para-badminton players, as the European Games in the Netherlands will take place in the second half of August. Players from Badminton Sharks took part in an...

Para camp in Spain was extremely beneficial for the Czech team. There was a great atmosphere at the camp for the whole week. The group included medalists from the world circuit and the World Championships. And how do the participants themselves (Lenka Šamšulová, Luděk Benada and Martin Válek) and the coach Mgr. Tomáš Voves?

The 6th annual Para Badminton International, this time called the Czech Para Badminton Emil Open 2023, was held at the weekend in the Štěrbohol sports hall. The organizational move to the capital city attracted a larger number of foreign players. Among the Czechs, the most valuable medal went to Ales Eger and Tomas Drtil in the doubles. Kamil...

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