National Classifier Workshop Level 1 in Brno


This weekend a national classifier workshop Level 1 was held in Brno, attended by 4 Czech and 7 foreign participants. On that occasion, the organizers from Badminton Sharks Brno organized a classification camp, where players without international classification were assigned to sports groups according to their disabilities and also had the opportunity to train together intensively. Training of standing SU5 and SL4 was done by coach Bedrich Valenta (BA Plzeň) with Martin Marinov and wheelchair players and standing SL3 were in charge of Tomas Voves, Mikulas Muller, Dominika Kralova and Tereza Kallasova. We would like to thank the Czech Badminton Federation, the Czech Paralympic Team, Badminton Europe , BWF - Badminton World Federation, National Sports Agency and Pavla Grycova for the organization. Next week, on Sunday 16.4. 17-20 pm, another classification camp will take place at TJ Astra Zahradní Město also in Prague! The organization is in charge of the Prague Wheelchair Sports Club.